The OIE National Focal Point on Animal production food safety

Mandate for the OIE National Focal Points on Animal production food safety 

  1. to establish a network of animal production food safety experts within his country or to communicate with the existing network;
  2. to establish and maintain a dialogue with the Competent Authority for animal production food safety in his country, and to facilitate cooperation and communication among several authorities where responsibility is shared;
  3. to receive from the OIE Headquarters copies of the reports of the Terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission (Code Commission), including reports of the Working Group on Animal Production Food Safety, and other relevant reports;
  4. to conduct the in-country consultation process with recognised animal production food safety experts on draft texts proposed in those reports as well as draft standards proposed by the Code Commission when dealing with animal production food safety issues; and
  5. to prepare comments for the Delegate on each of the relevant meeting reports reflecting the scientific view and position of the individual OIE Member and/or the region, including comments on the proposals for new or revised OIE standards related to animal production food safety, taking into account when relevant their compliance with Codex Alimentarius existing standards.

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Regional food safety workshops

Workshops for national OIE Focal Points for food safety that was in the Americas region.

Mexico, 2015
Colombia, 2013
Argentina, 2010