The OIE National Focal Point for Veterinary Laboratories

Mandate of the OIE National Focal Points for veterinary laboratorios

  1. create in the country a network of experts on issues related to veterinary laboratories or communicate with existing networks;
  2. establish and maintain dialogue with the competent authority in charge of veterinary laboratories in the country and facilitate cooperation and communication between the different authorities, if there is a division of responsibilities regarding laboratories. This task includes cooperation and communication with the authorities of other national laboratories and other governmental institutions, and the updating of legislation and activities of national veterinary laboratories to verify their compliance with the OIE standards and guidelines;
  3. serve as a focal point for the OIE in matters related to national veterinary laboratories; determine the needs for training and strengthening of competencies for national veterinary laboratories in the country;
  4. compile the responses to requests for information from the OIE, in coordination with national veterinary laboratories that offer specific competencies in the subject of consultation;
  5. when necessary, organize consultations with local experts, recognized in the area of ​​veterinary laboratories, on draft OIE standards or guidelines and on proposals for new standards that the country wishes to submit to the OIE;
  6. Prepare comments for the Delegate on relevant OIE standards or guidelines projects, as well as proposals for new standards that the country wishes to submit to the OIE, reflecting the views and scientific positions of the OIE Member Country or of a region;
  7. keep in touch with other OIE national focal points for veterinary laboratories belonging to the regional networks and with experts from the OIE Reference Laboratories present in the
  8. collaborate with the OIE Reference Centers around the world;
  9. when necessary, prepare proposals for the participation of national veterinary laboratories in the OIE laboratory twinning program.

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Regional workshops veterinary laboratories

Workshops for the OIE National Focal Points for veterinary laboratories.

Argentina, 2016
Mexico, 2012