The OIE Regional Commissions

The OIE has created five Regional Commissions to study the specific problems of the Veterinary Services and organize cooperation at the regional level:

África | Americas | Asia, Far East and Oceania | Europe | middle East

These Commissions, which are formed by the Delegates of the Member Countries, are chaired by an Executive Board composed of a President, two Vice-Presidents and a General Secretary. The composition of these Tables is renewed every three years.

Each Commission organizes a Conference every two years in one of the countries of the region. These conferences deal with technical issues and organize regional cooperation for the control of animal diseases. The next Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for the Americas will take place in the Dominican Republic in November 2018. You can access the Regional Conferences of the Americas by clicking here.

In addition, every year during the General Session in the month of May, a meeting of each Regional Commission is held. You can access the reports of these meetings by clicking here.