The Executive Bureau of the Regional Commission

The Bureau of the Commission was renewed, for a term of three years, in May 2018. It is currently composed as follows:


Dr. Mark Trotman

Senior Veterinary Officer
Veterinary Services
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
The Pine, St. Michael, Bridgetown
BARBADOS </ span>

Vice President

Dra. Nimia Lissette Gómez Rodríguez

Director of Animal Health
General Directorate of Livestock (DIGEGA)
Ministry of Agriculture
Livestock City, Livestock Building
Freeway 30 de Mayo, Santo Domingo

Vice President

Dr Javier Ernesto Suárez Hurtado

National Head of Animal Health
National Service of Agricultural Health and Food Safety (SENASAG)
Ministry of Rural Development and Lands
José Natuch Avenue No. 271
City of Trinidad
Department of Beni

Secretary General

Dr Jaspinder Komal

Chief Veterinary Officer
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
59 Camelot Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1AOY9