Institutional visit by representatives of OIPORC

On September 14, the President of the Ibero-American Pork Organization (OIPORC), Dr. José Luis Caram Inclan, of Mexican nationality, visited the offices of the OIE Regional Representation for the Americas, together with representatives from Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The Ibero-American Pig Farming Organization promotes the interaction of national pig farmers’ associations and organizations, defines public policy guidelines, promotes sustainable development and carries out actions for the benefit of the sector, achieving harmony in the interests of pig farmers.

During their visit, OIPORC members were briefed on specific chapters on African Swine Fever in the Terrestrial Animal Health Code, and the Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals, as well as consultations on the PVS Process and discussions on antimicrobial resistance.

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