Internships in the Regional Representation for the Americas

Are you ready for the challenge of working for the health and welfare of animals?

The OIE Regional Representation for the Americas has the possibility to accept, after selection, a limited number of candidates who request to participate for a minimum period of 6 months in supervised activities related to topics that correspond to their professional aspirations and that are compatible with the objectives of the OIE.

Who can apply?

  • Freshly graduated veterinarians
  • Veterinarians employed by the Veterinary Services of a Member Country (endorsed by the Delegate of your country)
  • Veterinarians employed by a Reference Laboratory or a Collaborating Center of the OIE (endorsed by the respective Reference Center)
  • Special interest and skills in one of the following fields: epidemiology, laboratory techniques, information technologies, animal welfare, food safety, antimicrobial resistance.
  • Excellent domain of at least one of the three official languages ​​of the OIE (Spanish, French and English) and, preferably, good knowledge of another.

The OIE does not request any compensation for its professional support but does not offer any remuneration during the internship period. Those candidates who do not reside in Argentina must present documents that prove that they will have an economic subsidy throughout their stay in the host country of the Regional Representation for the Americas.

Candidates must write a technical report about their activities at the OIE at the end of the training period. The publication of any article on the work carried out in the OIE is subject to the authorization of the OIE.

The OIE assumes no responsibility during the internship, either in its own premises or elsewhere. The candidates must, therefore, be properly insured against any unforeseen incident during their stay.

1Read all the information published in this window.
2Download and complete the form of candidacy.
3Send the completed application form by mail, fax or email to:

Regional Representation of the OIE for the Americas

Av. Paseo Colón 315 – 5th floor “D”
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Tel: +54 11 4331-3919
Fax: + 54 11 43 31 51 62

Recently graduated veterinarians

  • Dra. María Eugenia Chimenti, Argentina

    “During my months of internship I was pleasantly surprised to know the structure of the Organization and its way of working since, although it is a global organization that deals with very diverse problems in terms of animal health, the work together and the knowledge of all the activities carried out there, is something primordial. When I finished my degree course, I thought I had learned a lot from the methodology on Veterinary Science, but I had the opportunity to learn many of the things that are not taught at the University. “
  • Dra. Lucía Escati, Argentina

    “The opportunity during the internship carried out in the Regional Office could define it as a challenge and as an experience of great professional growth. Among many learnings, he highlighted the opportunity to understand the diversity and extension of the activities developed by the OIE and the importance of them to contribute to improving animal health around the world “
  • Dra. Emily Glass, Australia

    “I am a veterinarian received from Murdoch University in Australia, with experience in the area of ​​veterinary public health and animal biosecurity. During my internship, I worked on various projects, including a report on the implementation of the Regional Animal Welfare Strategy in the Americas, which was published in the OIE Scientific and Technical Review. In general terms, the internship helped me to understand the functioning of the Organization, and the international system of animal health and welfare. This experience was important for my professional development, I currently work in the Veterinary Services in Western Australia. “

Veterinarians of the Veterinary Services

  • Dra. Helia Lemos da Silva, Brazil

    “The practices carried out in the OIE gave me the opportunity to know the needs of the countries of the region in the area of ​​animal health and to collaborate, from the technical point of view, with the work carried out by the regional office in the Americas. I was able to participate in the General Session of the OIE and many training workshops for Focal Points. It also allowed me to develop language skills in English and Spanish. “
  • Dr. Francois Caya, Canada

    “The experience of having worked in the OIE Regional Representation for the Americas was enriching from every point of view. It allowed me to understand how work is managed in an OIE region and gave me tools for the tasks that I now develop as Head of the OIE Regional Activities Department. In addition, it was a great opportunity to learn a new language: Spanish “