American Committee Veterinary Medicinal Products

The American Committee Veterinary Medicinal Products (CAMEVET) is a regional project which aims to facilitate the harmonization of standards, records, and control of veterinary medicines among member countries.

The Committee was created during the Vº Semminar on Harmonisation of Registration and Control of Veterinary Medicinal Products as COLMEVET (download the creation document, spanish only), held in La Habana, Cuba, in 1999, and ratified during the XV OIE Regional Conference of the Americas Regional Commission held in Cartagena, Colombia, March 2000 (download the Recomendations, see Nº 4), and countersigned during the General Session of the OIE International Committe on May 2000, where the rules where approved (donwnload the rules, updated 2017).

The Committee is the only area of discussion and proposals which adapts to the needs and the possibilities in the areas of registration of veterinary products in America.