Regional Calendar


Visit of the Director General of the OIE to Panama

Place: Panama City, Panama
Date: 5-7 March

BTSF regional workshop on Animal Welfare

Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 6-9 march



Sub-regional Seminar for the OIE National Focal Points for Communication for the CVP member countries

Place: Asuncion, Paraguay
Date: 7-9 march



GF TADs global meeting of the Steering Committee

Place: Rome, Italy
Date: 27-28 march

OIE Animal Welfare Global Forum “Animal transport: a shared responsibility” Paris (France) 11–12 April 2019

Seminar for new delegates of the OIE

Place: Paris, France
Date: 19 may

86th General Session of the OIE

Lugar: Paris, France
Date: 20-25 may

Executive Board Meeting

Place: Ottawa, Canada
Date: 02, May

AMR Awareness Seminar

Place: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Date: 11-13, June

FAO: Worktable II “Surveillance of Resistance and Use of Antimicrobials”

Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 12-13, June

2nd Brazil South Egg Industry and Production Conference – 2nd CONBRASUL

Place: Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Date: 16-19 de June

Regional Seminar on Veterinary Residues of Veterinary Products

Place: Bogotá, Colombia
Date: 9-12,  July

Executive Board Meeting

Place: Online
Date: 11, July

Regional Workshop CVP/OIE-PAHO-FAO: Analysis and evaluation of IACG recommendations on antimicrobial resistance (RAM)

Place: Santiago, Chile
Date: 23 – 24 , July

“V Regional Meeting of International Organizations, Integration and Cooperation in Agricultural Health and Food Safety”

Place: San Salvador, El Salvador
Date: 25 – 26 , July

Second Meeting of the GF-TADs Standing Group of Experts on ASF for the Asia Region

Place: Tokyo, Japan
Date: July 30 and 31

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COURSE: Module I: Key Disciplines in Avian Health/ OIE- WOAH Module, UNMSM

Place: Lima, Perú
Date: 12 – 23 , August

Second Conference on the Integration of the Ecuadorian Meat Value Chain

Place: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Date: 14 – 18, August

Meeting with the AgroQuality team and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Ecuador

Place: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Date: 16, August

26th Brazilian Poultry and Pork Congress, on behalf of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA)

Place: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date: 27 – 29, August

Biomasa Project – Pilot in CVP

Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 2-3 September

Course: Antimicrobials 2019: a current perspective in the era of multi-resistance. Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases (SADI)

Place: Online
Date: 2 – 13, September

Regional training seminar for OIE National Focal Points on Animal Welfare

Place: Belém do Pará, Brazil
Date: 3-6 September

XVIII National Pork Conference: “Situation of the African Swine Fever”

Place: Cancún, Mexico
Date: 12, September

“II Animal Welfare Seminar”

Place: La plata, Argentina
Date: 13, September

VI Iberoamerican Congress of Pig Farming

Place: Panama City, Panama
Date: 18 – 20, September

Meeting of the Association of Pig Farmers of Ecuador (ASPE)

Place: Quito, Ecuador
Date: 26, September

OVUM: XXVI Latin American Poultry Congress

Place: Lima, Peru
Date: 8 – 11, October

I International Symposium on Single Health and III Symposium on Single Health in Paraná – Challenges of Multisectoral Collaboration (TBC)

Place: Prado Velho, Curitiba, Brazil
Date: 9 – 10, October

Vlll International Congress of Veterinary Sciences

Place: La Habana, Cuba
Date: 4 – 7, November

COURSE: – Module II: Health and Production of Laying Hens, University of Guadalajara

Place: Guadalajara, Mexico
Date: 25. November – 6, December