Regional Calendar


Visit of the Director General of the OIE to Panama

Place: Panama City, Panama
Date: 5-7 March

BTSF regional workshop on Animal Welfare

Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 6-9 march



Sub-regional Seminar for the OIE National Focal Points for Communication for the CVP member countries

Place: Asuncion, Paraguay
Date: 7-9 march



GF TADs global meeting of the Steering Committee

Place: Rome, Italy
Date: 27-28 march

OIE Animal Welfare Global Forum “Animal transport: a shared responsibility” Paris (France) 11–12 April 2019

Seminar for new delegates of the OIE

Place: Paris, France
Date: 19 may

86th General Session of the OIE

Lugar: Paris, France
Date: 20-25 may