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1. The Committee of the Americas for the Harmonization of Registration and Control of Veterinary Medicines is created in the frame of the OIE Commission for the Americas. This Committee shall be constituted by the Representatives of the Official Services of the OIE Member countries and/or responsible for registration and control of Veterinary Medicines that show interest in participating in this Committee. The country member representative will have voice and vote. Any other specialist from the countries may participate in the meetings, too, but will have only voice. There is only one vote per country.

2. The objectives of CAMEVET are:

(a) Coordinate the technical information for the Registration and Control of Veterinary Medicines with the intention of harmonizing the technical procedures to improve the quality of the veterinary medicines and the trade of the products among the countries.
(b) Change of information about Norms and Rules for Registration and Control, manufacturing, distribution and trade of Veterinary Medicines. Also change of information about the operation of factories, warehouses and distribution, attesting the quality, efficiency and innocuity of the product, with the intention of harmonizing and homologating the countries Norms on Registration and Control of veterinary medicines.
(c) Promote compilation, systematization and release of information as to facilitate change of information among the members of CAMEVET, by means of the information on technology systems in coordination with OIE/OPS, and the operation of IMPPAZ database.
(d) Facilitate the entering of information for the members of CAMEVET to know techniques and scientific advances dealing with quality and control of veterinary medicines.
(e) Organize periodically meetings and Seminars in order to change information among the countries and to take measures for the implementation of harmonization of registration and control of veterinary medicines.

3. The President of the CAMEVET will be the Representative of the country organizing the next Seminar and the Vice-president will be the Representative of the country organizing the precedent meeting.

4. The Regional Representation of OIE will work as Secretary “ex – officio” and will have the following duties:
(a) Inform the CB of OIE and the members of the CAMEVET on the facts and actions taken on the matter e.g. technical meetings, Seminars, electronic conferences or any other means of communication to inform the countries on relevant aspects about Registration and Control of Veterinary Medicines.
(b) Support meetings and seminars and make the secretariat work as setting up the logistic and the methodology for organization of the meetings, distributing the information and documents on the conclusions of the meetings and providing the CAMEVET members information on any aspect related to such meetings and seminars.

5. CAMEVET will be constituted by the official members representing the countries of the Region, as well as by collaborators and the adherent members.

The COLLABORATOR MEMBERS can be the Officially Regulatory Entities of the country members of OIE -whether they belong the Americas or not-, the OIE Collaborating Centers, OIE Reference Laboratories and the Universities and Scientific Institutions recognized by OIE.
The ADHERENT MEMBERS can be the Chambers of the Veterinary Industry from the OIE country members that may collaborate providing technical and commercial information regarding Registration and Control of Veterinary Medicines. The adherent members will pay an annual fee according to the Official Committee criteria. This fee will be collected by the Secretary “ex – officio” as to cover the administrative operating costs of the Committee and the costs of the Seminars and Meetings. The Secretary “ex – officio” will provide the CB of OIE and to the CAMEVET an annual account statement.
The Collaborator and the Adherent members as well, may participate in all the activities of CAMEVET and may participate in the meetings and Seminars having voice in the matter but not vote.