Regional Representation for Americas

List of Documents

1-Control of vaccines for infectius bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR)
2-Dietary Complements
3-Ectoparaciticidas product elaboration
4-Glossary of terms
5-Good manufacturing practices BPM inspection Guide for manufacture of biological products
6-Good manufacturing practices Inspection Guide  for  pharmacological products (including Ectoparasiticides)
7-Good manufacturing practices standards of good manufacturing practice for veterinary products
8-Good practices for the use of veterinary products
9-Guide to the preparation of studies of stability of pharmaceutical veterinary products
10-Guideline for the registration of biotechnologically obtained subunit vaccines
11-Guidelines for the estimation of the withdrawal period in edible tissues
12-Guidelines for the validation of analytical methods used in residue studies in animal tissues
13-Labeling of veterinary products
14-Potency for bovine vaccines containing inactivated bovine rotavirus group A causal agent of calf neonatal diarrhea
15-Potency test for bovine vaccines containing Bovine Parainlfuenza type 3 virus
16-Regulation Technical Evidence of Effectiveness for Registration of Internal Antiparasitic for Ruminants and Swine
17-Safely of bovine vaccines Guideline for studies with inactivated vaccines 
18-Synonymy Agreement
19-Technical guidelines to conduct metabolism and residue kinetic studies of veterinary pharmacological agents in food-producing animals
20-Veterinary Products Registration Form of inscription for pharmacological products for veterinary
21-Veterinary Products Registration Form of inscription to Biological Products for veterinary
22-Veterinary Products Registration Model certificate of authorization to products to export
23-Veterinary Products Registration Model of certificates of free sale