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The OIE National Focal Point for Communication

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Terms of Reference for the OIE National Focal Point for Communication

Details on proposed tasks of the national focal point for communication:

1. under the authority of the OIE Delegate of his/her country function as OIE
contact point on communication issues for the Veterinary Services;

2. to facilitate communication on animal health, animal welfare and veterinary
public health related issues among relevant stakeholders and communication
target audiences in his/her country, including the media;

3. to act as a focal point with the OIE on matters relevant to communication;

4. to receive information on communication activities and copies of relevant
documentation from OIE Headquarters and facilitate its dissemination;

5. to prepare comments for the Delegate on each of the relevant documents
reflecting the view and position of the individual OIE Member and/or the
region, including comments on the proposals for new or revised OIE standards,
guidelines or recommendations relating to communication;

6. to establish a network of relevant communication experts within his/her country and, when relevant, within the region or to communicate with already existing networks.

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